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Hello everyone my cowlist name is Annette, I am a 37 years old, I was told I'm attractive, and I try to dress more beautiful s in time. I am a little clumsy, but it seems the 'correct ' left places, as they say. John was married a year ago after a divorce my ​​ex-husband wasteful useless. John is all that my ex was not, although it is a good age to 55 is still much more energetic and hardworking, which is also a cowlist very loving and kind man, the father of a son recently, \\ \\ n began in college and living away, John has a lot to him by a parent. The strange thing is that John, despite being such a wonderful person to be introduced, interest in what I accept in the first match, but I have come slowly and even enjoy. You see, my husband likes to spank my cowlist ass, in fact, sometimes he beats me too. First in n I was very cautious about something so humiliating and embarrassing, but John convinced me to bend over his lap time n as he sat in the chair first. I wasa pair of pajamas with cream and I was very aware that my Bum Grande has been a very vulnerable in itself, I felt embarrassed me a little, to say the least, and I'm sure he was furious blush as John plays with my ass. Shortly thereafter, his big hand was slowly killing my ass gradually more difficult, until I had tears running down my back and getting unbearable. I protested , but John gently rebuked me and cowlist told me to take the beat of cowlist my, I knew that this happens often, and this was submissive to my husband exciting me a lot. John took me gently into the world of spanking marrital, and which has progressed over time with the shoe in my underwear while sitting. It gave me butterflies to bend back and present to John in this way. Today I know who's boss and to be honest I must admit I've always longed to be No, dominated with a strong, but soft. Sometimes I even have John naked in the act and other degrading practices runs, makes the jump from my big breastsI think is a bit painful, but John likes to see his tour for some reason. On Saturday I had a 12 - knock on my ground strokes poor get still sore as I cowlist write, by whipping Normally I dress my toe into the living room Touch in the bra and panties only, especially when I take extra jump, so I 'm painfully clenched teeth. We'll have a great sex life, apart from the n is the beating more than offset by weakness in some of my husband. In fact, I 'm glad my ass to present this wonderful and loving people.
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